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Start your business
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Take all these products and sell it as your own:

  • Affiliate Marketing Pack
  • Facebook Ads Pack
  • Facebook Marketing Pack
  • Freelancing Pack
  • Instagram Marketing Pack
  • Banner Ads Pack
  • Bonus Creation Pack
  • Bookkeeping Pack
  • Blog Profits
  • Capital Raising Pack
  • Crowd Funding Pack
  • Email Marketing Pack
  • Google Ads Pack
  • Internet Marketing Pack
  • Affiliate or JV Recruiting Pack
  • Instagram Influencer Pack
  • Mobile Marketing Pack
  • Pinterest Marketing Pack
  • Twitter Marketing Pack
  • YouTube Marketing Pack
  • List Building Pack
  • LinkedIn Marketing Pack
  • Outsourcing Pack
  • Product Creation Pack
  • Product Launching Pack
  • Retargeting Pack
  • Side Hustle Pack
  • Social Media Marketing Pack
  • Twitter Ads Pack
  • Video Marketing Pack

Brand new, premium, high-quality PLR content that you’ll be proud to have. Want to leave a lasting impression on your audience? Then, your stuff has to look this good. Not only just it has been a beautiful thing to look on the outside but also great in the inside too.

Why viking is the best

When you finish reading below what’s included inside in this package, you’ll be scratching your head and wondering why we’re giving these products away for the price of a pizza. Now, let’s get started and start digging about what’s inside these unprecedented PLR packages:


The Report

Gorgeous report that can be given away, sold, or even utilize as a bonus. But ideally, you can use this as an entry point of your funnel in a form of a giveaway in return for an email address.


Full eBook

A jaw-dropping expertly written eBook with the design quality that sets a new standard for PLR content. Gone are the days of boring looking content that looks like it's like whipped off at the last minute of your word process, or in your lunch break.


Video Course

An outstanding, high-quality video course with multiple video lessons that will educate and empower your customers like nothing else. And, these aren't your typical underwhelming video lessons. These are groundbreaking, eye-popping video lessons superbly crafted by a veteran instructor and course-work creation expert.


Audio Lessons

We are also including an audio version of the course so you can provide that to your audience as part of a package, as a separate cross sale. That will appeal to those who enjoy listening to lectures or audiobooks on their way to work. These tracks would also come in handy in case you wanted to completely edit it and rebrand the videos but keep the voice-over track.


Editable Word Documents

You'll be getting word document versions of your report and eBooks so you could edit them to your liking and save them as PDFs yourself.


Rebrading Tutorial

You're getting a rebranding tutorial videos to help you edit and rebrand these if you choose to do so.


Editable Slides

We are also throwing in a fully editable presentation slides so you can remove the Viking branding from it or you can otherwise change them whatever you want and then export them as your own unique videos.


Attractive Facebook Ad

On top of that, you're also getting a pre-made attractive Facebook Ad that's already been designed to meet Facebook specifications and text to image ratio guidelines. This Ad will help you start sending traffic to your Viking PLR material right away.


Email Sequence

Once you've built a list of customers or buyers, you're gonna start monetizing them asap! That's why we are including a series of pre-written, relevant email marketing messages designed to pitch certain types of products that will help your audience implement what they've learned. It takes just second to stick your affiliate links into these emails, plug-in to your autoresponder, and start monetizing your list.


Gorgeous Graphics

Finally, in case you wanna keep the Viking branding, which we know most of you will, we wanted to give you complete creative control to present these materials however you wanted. So we're providing a massive collection of product graphics to satisfy your needs. These are all transparent PNG format so you can export them wherever you want, however you want!


Marketing PLR Bonuses

A massive package of bonuses for you to start reselling it to your buyers or customers. These are the real must-have bonuses. You are provided with the tools to start your business directly in just a matter of time.


Super Low Priced

Yes! You've heard it. These gorgeous PLR packages will be handed all over to you with just a prize of a pizza. Not just one but all of them! You can start monetizing them without worrying about monthly recurring payments. Own it completely with a one-time payment.

What Bonuses You'll Get

If you were thinking that it’s a lot already with just a stunning low product price, then, let me throw these some mind-blowing sweeteners and fast-action bonuses designed to help you leverage these PLR resources like never before.

PLR Master Class v.1

An awesome curriculum on getting started with your PLR materials.

PLR master class v.2

This groundbreaking 18 day course goes into even more detail on setting up a PLR-based business.

reseller's super system workshop

The incredibly extensive Reseller's Super System Workshop. This 3 week workshop is jam packed with resources that will help you leverage resell rights material.

Explosive PLR profits

An indispensable guide to generating revenue from your PLR products right now.

PLR powerhouse

The game-changing 12 day PLR powerhouse course. An extensive program that will help you kick your PLR-based business into high gear today!

making profits with resell rights

This step-by-step process will lay out the quickest roadmap for getting your PLR content online and selling in just one week.

More Bonuses You'll Get

Since you got all the strategies you need about what to do with your PLR products by having those bonus PLR courses, now it’s time to drive traffic, build your lists and generate sales! Don’t know how? Well, I already got you covered! These amazing marketing bonus courses will be yours 100% FREE!

the ultimate marketing bonuses

To help you market and drive traffic to your products and to help you build your list and generate sales, we've added a whole suite of awesome bonuses! Additionally, we offer to you these jumpstart and software bundles to add it as a lead magnets in exchange to your customer's email to build your list quickly.

These are what
every marketer needs

Each of those bonuses is specifically designed to help you generate a massive return on the tiny investment you’re making today. Finally, to completely seal the deal and ensure you walk away with these PLR packages in hand, I’m going to remove all the risk and do something most marketers never do.

Don’t worry, I’m not insane. I’m just showing you how sure I am that this is the best PLR investment you’ve ever made.

This game-changing PLR products will soon have a high-ticket price but like I said, today my motive is different. I want you to experience the quality of these PLR material no matter what to cost to me so you’ll be dying to come for more even if it means handing it over for next to nothing. 

For that reason, if you’re lucky enough to be here on this page during the launch period, you got to grab these entire PLR package right now for insanely a very low price. Look, the time has come to an end to crappy PLR once and for all. So if you’re ready to build your list, generating sales and wowing your audience like never before, then click that button below and let’s get started!

User reviews

Let’s hear from some of our successful Viking PLR users, watchers, and listeners on how they did it!…

There are several marketing tools I already knew but didn't hit a single sale myself. Until I have given a try after I got one of the Vikings and I've found out the missing piece! This info I got is far greater than the penny I paid for this product. Cheers!
Zina Adams
life insurance agent
Writing stories for a business is a really daunting task for me. I didn't know where to begin and what will be the content I am going to write. Viking did everything for me after learning all that must be learned. Almost no effort but to listen or watch or even just read, whatever you want!
Rose Alonzo
environmental planner
Viking offers a powerful course that every level of marketer can easily connect. Even if you get stuck, just re-read, rewind, or re-watch. With just a matter of two weeks, I have completed the courses/lessons. It's easier to apply what I've learned. This time, sales started to flow in. Thanks!!!
Nikki Glenn
data manager

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